You’ve Never Had a Yoga Instructor Like This

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been to a yoga class.

Even if you’ve been doing yoga for years, surely you’ve never been to a yoga practice like the ones led by Radhika Vachani, owner of Yogacara Healing Arts in Mumbai, India. After practicing yoga across the globe, Vachani found the power of yoga as not just merely a fitness routine, but as a transformational vehicle which she used to design the life that her true Self desired. In her new book, “Just Breathe”, she shares over 200 pages of insight into the Self, levels of consciousness, karma, and most importantly, the breath.

“Yoga is a science of the mind. It not only teaches us how to live a more mindful and meaningful existence, but it also helps us discover our remarkable individual potential,” Radhika says. “It is so, so much more than a fitness routine.”

Sprinkled throughout the text are bite sized, practical exercises to train your breath and mind to reach a higher vibration and deeper sense of Self. As I practiced the outlined material, I found my brain feeling challenged to reign in my thoughts and focus solely on what I was trying to meditate on. This reoccurring issue just goes to show how much I need to continue practicing this!

As I got better about training my thoughts, I noticed a sense of peace and clarity when dealing with certain situations that have popped up in my life in the last week. I am able to organize my thoughts and feelings, while keeping self-care a top priority.

In “Just Breathe”, Radhika Vachani also tells us the importance of visualization. As I read the text, I practiced the breathing techniques, while visualizing relationships, my career, my time as a student, and many other parts of my life that she encourages us to analyze. The book says that we should be visualizing our true desires for these things, and be so detailed and become so familiar with these visualizations, that they are like our bedroom; exactly how we want them to be, and just as commonly experienced.

Vachani encourages readers to practice training your breath and focusing on present moments during the time you brush your teeth, when your cooking dinner, during your work commute, while you’re folding the laundry, and all of the other moments in-between. I look forward to implementing these practices in my daily life and watching my life transform!

The book is a an absolute must-have for yogis and anyone interested in elevating their life and reaching their true potential. “Just Breathe” is available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.


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