Craft Burger at Twisted Laurel | Asheville, NC

Craft Burger Review | Joanna Faith Williams


This weekend, I visited Asheville, NC for a retreat and had the opportunity to visit Twisted Laurel for dinner!

Craft Burger Review | Joanna Faith Williams

The restaurant itself is very cute with lots of wood and an interesting mix of metals for a unique classic/modern vibe. The menu was filled with a mix of American & Greek foods which was an interesting and fun combination!

As usual, my eyes went straight to the “burger” section of the menu. I ordered the Craft Burger which is served with lettuce, tomato, mustard, ketchup, onion, mayo. I ordered it without the tomato or mayo. When it got back to us, it still did not have mustard or ketchup, but there was ketchup at the table so it ended up being fine in that regard.

The bun was very “bready”. A friend of mine said that when bread looks/tastes like that, it’s because it is cooked with a lot of egg. I ended up having to take off one of the buns so that I could taste the meat! That made it pretty messy, but even after taking off a bun, it still stayed together well and didn’t slip-and-slide everywhere which was pretty surprising but much appreciated!

Ultimately, the burger was alright, but I’ve had better. I’d say it was pretty average. You can look at my rating system below and see how I came to my end score!

If you’ve ever been to Asheville, NC, have you ever tried the Twisted Laurel Craft Burger? What did you think? As usual, don’t forget to leave recommendations below so I know what restaurant/burger to put on my To-Try list!


Stay-together-ability: 5/5

Taste: 2.5/5

How filling it was: 3/5

Prettiness: 3.5/5

End Score: 3.5/5

Price: $9

What I had for my side: fries

Would I order it again? No.

Twisted Laurel Dinner Menu:

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