Classic Burger at Schnipper’s | Flat Iron, Manhattan

Schnipper's Classic Burger, Manhattan, NYC |

First burger in the city!

I have officially moved to Manhattan for the summer! I can’t believe I’m really here. If you read my Goal for 2017 post, you know that I’ve been working hard to land an internship in the city! And here I am!

My first meal was, you guessed it…. a cheeseburger. I was only in town for about an hour before going out to eat and I had just gotten off my flight, so please excuse my messy hair and light makeup. I went with the director of the loft that I am staying in through my University to Schnipper’s! I ordered the Classic Cheeseburger with a side of sweet potato fries.

It tasted pretty good but it lacked much flavor other than the meat. The meat was good but it would have been better with lettuce or ketchup or something. As I write this, I’m wondering why I didn’t just put ketchup on it myself!

The sweet potato fries were really good! It came with a honey dip which was a delicious combination.

As always, you can look at my rating system below and see how I came to my end score!

Schnipper's Cheeseburger, NYC |


Stay-together-ability: 5/5

Taste: 3/5

How filling it was: 2/5

Prettiness: 2.5/5

End Score: 3.125/5

Price: $8

What I had for my side: sweet potato fries

Would I order it again? No.

I am SO EXCITED to be in the city through mid-August! What are your favorite restaurants here? What burger should I try next?

Schnipper's Classic Burger, Manhattan, NYC |

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2 thoughts on “Classic Burger at Schnipper’s | Flat Iron, Manhattan

  1. It was nice to meet you at the loft. It is time to update this! What do you think of the Shake Shack burgers? I have only had their shroom burger, but it is so good. When you get back to W-S, you have to review a Food Freaks burger (my favorite!)

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