The Internet’s Gold-Mine for Petite Jumpsuits

You know those days that you just want to stay in bed and binge watch Youtube videos, but you know you need to get up to get ready for a full day ahead of you?

I can’t stand that. Those are the days I usually end up rolling out of bed with just enough time to rush through my makeup routine, jump into some yoga pants, slip into an oversized tshirt, and pull my hair into a high pony on my way to the bus.

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For the longest time, that’s what I’ve always resorted to. But now, I FINALLY found the solution that lets me catch a few more minutes of rest, AND makes me look like I actually spent time trying to look semi-decent before leaving my apartment! *drum roll please*


I have a few jumpsuits in my closet, but haven’t really worn many of them because they just don’t fit my body quite right, or are see-through, or they just have something wrong that I can’t get over because I’m a crazy person (news flash).

A few weeks ago I found BKLYN Bodies, and when I checked out their site, I felt like I died and went to heaven! Their entire site is full of bodysuits, jumpsuits, and playsuits. It’s the only place on the internet you can find a completely curated collection of apparel that you won’t find anywhere else.

As a petite woman, I’ve found it difficult to look good in jumpsuits, but BKLYN Bodies has a collection that is great for my body type. If you’re also petite, you would definitely love these too. This jumpsuit is easily a new favorite for me, not only because it fits me so well, but because of these fun ruffle sleeves! I’ve never had anything with ruffles, but this is done so well and I really like it.

It is so fun to explore how I will continue to accessorize this piece as well, because I know the possibilities are endless. In the picture above, I stayed very simple, and left it with a dainty choker, and these Sheila Fajl earrings (my go-to’s). Since I kept the jewelry relatively understated, I went IN with the highlight, red lips, and curly hair. Absolutely love this look. Since the front dips pretty low in the front, it would also look really great with a lacy bralette if you’re into that look, or a chunky necklace. Also, since the piece is black, you can mix and match jewelry & belts of different colors for a completely new “look” each time you wear it.

I’m so happy to have found BKLYN Bodies, because now I know where I’ll go again and again when I’m looking for jumpsuits and bodysuits that will look great for my body type and help me get ready in a flash after “accidentally” hitting snooze one too many times.

*Pro-Tip*: BKLYN Bodies has an amazing option to use Flex Pay through Paypal! If you see a piece you want but can’t quite afford yet, choose your downpayment, and pay off the rest in monthly installments! Once it’s paid off, your order will be shipped to you. LOVE this feature on their site!

Check out their site, and show them some love on their Instagram here! Do you wear jumpsuits or bodysuits? Let me know your favorite way to style them. Also, don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter in my right sidebar to stay in-the-know about other fashion finds I’ll be sharing soon!

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