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Since the first official commercial flightflight attendants have been always been fashion forward.

Flight attendant fashion throughout the years + the chance to win a free flight from CheapOAir! | www.joannafaithwilliams.comAs many of my followers and readers know, I spend regular time in a plane. I am getting on a regular schedule for trips to NYC for my events and meetings as an influencer, and truly love it. Something else that I love (other than the fact that it’s socially acceptable to down a fancy cocktail with a plate of cheap fries at the same time when you’re about to run to your gate)? The fashion.

Flight attendants have such a sharp look, and I dig it. In fact, for each visit I make to NYC, I plan on purchasing a silk scarf from the Met, which screams “flight attendant” vibes from a mile away. I just love it.

Commercial flights began in the 1930’s, and all flight attendants were registered nurses. Women commonly chose long hem lines on dresses that emphasized a slender silhouette. Once the 40s-50s rolled around, flight attendant uniforms reflected that trend as well.

As women became more bold in their fashion choices, so did cabin crew uniforms. In the 60s, uniforms flaunted shorter hem lines with bright colors and sometimes even patterns!

Women finally broke into the “corporate scene” in the 80s. Uniforms reflected traditional office style with structured blazer jackets and other pieces for a “strong suit” look. This is also when silk scarves began booming in popularity (thank goodness!), and haven’t left.

Nowadays, flight attendants tend to have more wiggle room. Still dressing sharp, attendants are given flexibility to put together their own look using accessories such as small belts, various scarves, hair styles, and makeup. While still looking like boss peeps, flight attendants can also express themselves through fashion on their way to NYC, Tokyo, Miami, LAX, Europe, you name it (lucky ducks!)

In memory of my first flight, take a look at this! I thought I was such a cool mamma jamma. This is actually my second time flying to NYC, but my first flight of 2017 (so it counts, right?). I chose black yoga pants, and a black jacket over a pink tank. Super comfortable. Now, I prefer to dress up for flights. Sometimes that means an outfit you might find in an Instagram picture, or other times it could be a dress with a nice blazer and just depends on my personal preference the morning of my flight!

My first flight experience |

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Flight attendant fashion throughout the years + the chance to win a free flight from CheapOAir! |

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