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Thank you 7 Charming Sisters!

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I am a sucker for new jewelry, so when I found 7 Charming Sisters, I was hooked.

Not only does 7 Charming Sisters have great prices on all of their items, but the quality is outstanding. I am so impressed that my gold pieces still haven’t turned colors yet! One of the necklaces I received began losing some of the rhinestones, but they were so nice about replacing it for me. Within a few hours of receiving my email letting them know, they were so kind to give me the option to replace it or pick out another. The necklace I’m wearing in these pictures is the necklace that I replaced it with!

Because of the different styles of each of the 7 sisters, you will have no problem finding a piece that fits any occasion. From professional to statement to “mom jewelry”, they’ve got it all. On their super-easy-to-navigate website, you can shop by type of jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, etc!) to style by choosing to look at each sister’s picks.

Gold Necklace from 7 Charming Sisters! |

The one that you see in my photos is a top seller, named the Leaf Choker Necklace (it usually sells for $47 but right now you can get it on sale for ONLY $7!). The sister it “belongs” to is Paula The Executive. I love that I can wear it in the office, but also wear it with a nice dress to add some detail to my look.

Head to their website and be sure to sign up for their newsletter to receive 15% off your order!

7 Charming Sisters is the brainchild of seven “work sisters” who’ve been colleagues for 10 to 15 years. The sisters are: Paula, the elegant Executive, Kim, the vivacious Life of the Party, Jennifer, the dedicated Fashionista, Donalda, the flirtatious Social Butterfly, Jessica, the smart and Sexy Nerd,  Kimberly, the cute All-American Girl and Melissa, the sporty Super Mom; 7 Charming Sisters has a deep commitment to helping those with disabilities find jobs and employs disabled people in their studio. Many of their handmade pieces are handcrafted by those with intellectual disabilities who earn commission.

7 Charming Sisters |

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